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70 Years Old Virgin Reveals Why She’s Yet To Get Married

70 Years Old Virgin Reveals Why She’s Yet To Get Married

A 70 years old Congolese lady identified as Alfonsin who chose to stay single for the sake of her siblings has narrated why she did so. While speaking in an interview with Afrimax, Alfonsin revealed that she’s ready to get married as she narrated what made her stay single.

According to Alfonsin, she decided to stay unmarried because she was the only one responsible for taking care of her siblings…… Continue Reading



She said that she had vowed not to get married until her siblings graduated from school. She spent years working as a primary school teacher where she was able to raise money to care for her siblings.

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She said that she was approached by many men when she was younger but she refused to marry them because if she do so, she’ll have other responsibilities that would prevent her from taking care of her siblings.

When asked if she would still get married, she said that she would do so if she sees a partner because she’s fulfilled her vow of making sure her siblings graduate before she gets married…. Continue Reading 





She said;

“Yes, I did what I had to do, if I would see a husband, I would agree and get married. I sacrificed my life for my siblings so that they would study, and now they graduated, I’m now ready to get married.”

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She also said that she chooses to remain a virgin because she doesn’t want to get pregnant and face the responsibilities of becoming a single mother.

Alfonsin spent her youthful days making sure her only responsibility was to take care of her siblings, she went as far as avoiding getting married so she won’t have other responsibilities aside from that of her siblings. What a lady!


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