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5 Reasons Why A Woman May Not Get Pregnant

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Some women to get pregnant for a while and it seems like nothing is happening. There are so many underlying reasons and factors that can cause this. According to Medicalnewstoday, here are certain things that can cause this.

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1) Not trying long enough: According to studies, many couples won’t conceive immediately. About 80% of couples will conceive after 6 months of trying while 90% will conceive after 12 months. This is only when they have well timed intercourse.

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2) Not ovulating: For conception to take place, a sperm must fertilize an egg. However, when a woman is not ovulating, she will not be able to get pregnant. This is referred to as anovulation and it can cause female infertility.

3) Age-related infertility: The age of a woman affects her egg quality. Women who are more than 35 years and men who are more than 40 years can take longer for them to conceive.

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4) Blocked fallopian tubes: The fallopian tube is the pathway that is between the ovaries and the womb. For a sperm to fertilize an egg, the hair-like projections in the fallopian tubes will need to draw the sperms inside so it can fertilize an egg. However, if the fallopian tubes are not working properly, it will be difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

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5) Endometriosis: This refers to when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. About 50% of women with this condition will find it difficult to get pregnant.

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