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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Butt Enlargement

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Butt implant may look so good but the journey is normally not that soft. It should always be a priority for any woman who is looking for a butt enlargement to first visit a doctor for advice. Most doctors are genuine and will tell you exactly what they have to even if it might disappoint you.

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Several medical doctors are advising against butt implants unless they are medically necessary. They claim that not enough time has passed to study the long-term effects of those people who have had butt implants.  Occasionally, we have had videos on the internet where ladies have been able to manually maneuver into the butt enlargement.

Butt enlargement is not bad when correctly done. Wrong procedures in most cases are deadly. Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid getting a butt implant.

Not All Butt implants Succeed

Always understand the implant itself is not dynamic. It is not difficult to differentiate between a natural and fake butt. After the implant, your butt will get bigger but it will not look natural.  Sometimes the implant could come loose and your appearance is not pleasant at all. In this case, you will have to face the knife again and start your healing of about 7 weeks which is very painful.

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It Is Expensive

Butt enlargement is costly. You need to have enough money for you to undergo a safe and successful surgery. Since you will not be able to continue running your businesses if you are a business lady for a couple of weeks, your financial plans must be clearly outlined. It could only be fortunate for you if you have a person sponsoring the whole process. Otherwise, if your business is not doing well and you are chasing very expensive beauty procedures with a few coins, you end up endangering your life.

Higher Risk of Complication

Butt implant surgery should not be undergone by anyone unless their doctor specifically recommends it. The risk vs. reward factor is too great. You will be in pain for a month or more after the surgery and there is a greater risk for complications.

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The butt implant surgery comes with high risks. The surgery calls for the surgeon to insert the implant above or below the gluteus maximus. This can lead to movement of the implant (after you’re healed up), capsular contracture, or even fluid collection. Not to mention that if you start gaining weight, it could cause the implant to move or distort the entire shape of your butt. There are also no real long-term conclusions as to the safety and reliability of this procedure.

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Burden Plus The Risk of Replacing

Many beauty queens rush to undergo butt implants not understanding the clear conditions. Butt implants cannot remain in the human body for much more than 10-12 years? Just like breast implants, it is strongly recommended that patients replace the butt implants every decade. This requires another painful surgery along with a painful and long recovery process just to keep the shape of your butt the way you like it.

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A Painful Period For A couple Of Weeks

Surgery has to have a specific time set for healing to take place. Due to this, it is always important to understand if you are a fit individual to undergo that type of surgery. If you are not self-employed then it means you are working. You can’t work while still under-recovery, especially in a busy working environment. The butt enlargement procedure is complicated. This way, it will take 5-7 weeks of recovery.

Due to the complicated nature of the butt implant procedure, recovery time can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. The surgery has also been described as a very painful process to undergo.


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