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4 Reasons Why A Woman Can Feel Pain During S3x

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Although, s3x is an interesting experience that both men and women like to indulge in but it is so sad that, a lot of women still have to go through pains while in the act. These pains are often caused by a lot of parameters of which are mostly related to health. In this article, I will be sharing with you some reasons why a woman can feel pain during S3x.

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1. S3xually Transmitted Infections: Infections gotten through S3x are one of the most common health challenges that can cause a woman to experience pains during lovemaking.TAP HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE These infections might have affected the uterus, cervix, and other vitals of a woman’ s private part. Endometriosis and problems with the ovaries can also make women feel pains during an intimacy.

2. Menopause: This is a stage in a woman’ s life where she can no longer have menstruation and the probability of getting a child is slim. During Menopause, the vaginal lining in a woman can lose its normal moisture and become dry. With the Vaginal dry, it will be very hard for a woman to enjoy lovemaking except if a lubricant is used.

3. S3x Too Soon After Surgery: Making love after going through surgery is most likely to cause pains to a woman as the stitches on the operated part might still be fresh or yet to be completely healed.

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4. Pelvic inflammatory disease: This is a health challenge that causes the tissues deep inside to become badly inflamed and allows the pressure of intimacy to bring about deep pain. However, some of these health- related problems can be treated or corrected with the help of Medical Personnel.


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