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4 Dirty Secrets That Were Revealed About Bobrisky

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Do you think Bobrisky is indeed a lady as he claim?

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Bobrisky known in real life as Idris okuneye is a famous Nigerian social media influencer who is known to be a transgender. The famous Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky is known as the first Nigerian man to change from a male to a female.

The transgender Bobrisky gave a lot of reasons for his transition. According to the transgender, She being a female is basically to solicit huge favours from politicians in Nigeria and in other countries with her ‘ assets’ .

Unfortunately, the famous Nigerian transgender Bobrisky has made a lot of people believe he is indeed a female of which he has influence a lot of men out there to also follow his footsteps.

Surprisingly, 2021 came with a lot of controversies and scandals between the popular Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky and her close friends which caused them to reveal shocking Secrets about the self acclaim transgender, Bobrisky.TAP HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Bobrisky Is A Real Man

It is known that the self acclaim Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky and her formal ivorian PA Oye kyme are no longer together as they parted was in an ugly manner due to reasons best known to them. The formal PA of the transgender has never hesitate to drag the name of Bobrisky with the least opportunity she gets.

During a questions and answers segment on social media, the formal PA of the transgender, Oye kyme let the cat out of the basket as she revealed dirty shocking Secrets about the self acclaim transgender Bobrisky.

According to Oye kyme, the formal PA of Bobrisky, the self acclaim transgender is not a female as he claim. He is a real bald man.

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Talking about the physical appearance of the transgender that deceived many, Oye kyme claim the transgender Bobrisky uses beauty products like the foundation to cover his beard and also wears wig to cover his head.

More secrets being revealed, the formal PA of Bobrisky, Oye kyme claim the transgender Bobrisky never went for any surgery as he claim and that they are all lies.

According to Oye kyme, Bobrisky does not have any female Partner as he claim. He rather have intimate with men of which businessman Mompha is an item.

” Working As PA In The Morning And Knacking Me At Night”

This is really Shocking. The formal PA of Bobrisky, Oye kyme also revealed how the transgender use to assault her while she was in Nigeria.

According to Oye kyme, she use to work as the self aclaim transgender Bobrisky’ s PA in the morning of which the transgender sleeps with her at night.

Working as PA in the morning and knacking you at night. I wanted to make new friends and he now beat me. This is the real story. He dey knack girl. I didn’ t go to Nigeria to have a love story. You wanted to force me to do things I don’ t want. After you started harassing me you are such a toxic person. That is why I never get the power to rest on your matter” .

” I think I’ m good now I’ ve cleared my mind. A lot of people have been telling me to rest but this is the reason I couldn’ t rest. When I was in Nigeria, if it’ s time to go to bed, he will be asking me Oye are you going to sleep with your trouser on? Bla Bla Bla. Stop using women gender to make money, na 100% man you be with a big thing. ” Oye kyme massively revealed.

” I Clean His An*s With 2 Packs Of Cotton Every 5 hours”

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Revealing more secrets about the popular Nigerian Transgender, the formal best friends of Bobrisky Tontoh Dikeh also added more petrol to the burning fire.

According to the formal best friends of the transgender Tontoh Dikeh, Bobrisky really smell bad. She used to clean his an*s with two packs of cotton wool because he turned a dead ears on her advise to stop having anal s3x.

Tontoh Dikeh wrote; ” Bobrisky’ s butt smells so bad. He is literally one of the dirtiest humans, his P. A didn’ t lie. I would clean is an*s with two packets of cotton wool every five hours. Just because I wanted to be a big sis, while advising him to stop anal s3x. Bob is a fool coming for me when I have your life in my hands” .

Speaking further, Tontoh Dikeh claim ” This is what I will do for this ungrateful Phool and he turns around to say shot. . Do you know when I started making money? When you were still a dirtier Pig I will send you money almost every month and you wld come up here to say thank you…


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” You Sleep With Yahoo Boys, Blackmail Them And Get Paid”

Hitting hard at the popular Nigerian transgender, Tontoh Dikeh reveals more secrets about Bobrisky.

According to the actress Tontoh Dikeh, Bobrisky sleeps with yahoo boys, blackmail them and he gets paid.

” Shim the liar Plus return my jewelries you stole biko. . . You want 2million when you thief jewelries worth 2 million from my safe to sell. BOBRISKY you get money pass your papa, come not me! ! . You still dey see change na why you dey shout. Billionaires don’ t shout! Unfortunate element! Come collect 2 million! Dey wait!

There is no f” ckn bae any where Mallam bring money for you to do advert. . . You sleep with yahoo boy, blackmail them and get paid. . . Sit your rotten a$s down. ” Tontoh Dikeh claim.

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