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3 Reasons Why Every Man Should Drink Water After Having S3x

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Water is a basic need just like food and shelter. Drinking water daily is recommended by health experts for every human being. Like we all know, water is a universal solvent that plays an essential role in our body system. Do you know that every man loses strength and energy during intimacy? It has been suggested that there are lots of activities that go on in the body when having Intimacy with your partner.TAP HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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According to health experts, intimacy drains more energy beyond the expectation because it is also part of physical activities. In this article, I will be discussing three medical proven reasons why you should always consume water after intimacy with your wife to avoid its complications later. The following are reasons why drinking water is important for you after Intimacy.

1. To Flush Out Bacteria Infection: If you do develop a UTI and are prescribed antibiotics, drinking water is also really important as it helps to dissolve the antibiotics and makes them more effective. Drinking enough water also produces more urine, which helps to flush out infection- causing bacteria.

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2. To Build Strength: Strength can be built by consuming water, during intimacy, more energy or strength is lost which makes your body get weaker. It serves in muscle building and even slight dehydration causes a decrease in strength, reduced endurance, unable to complete your normal rep range, and then slower recovery.

3. To Improve Your Intimacy Life: Consuming a lot of water helps in maintaining adequate blood supply to a man’ s reproductive organs which will then result in healthier, harder, and stronger energy. According to a report, water helps the body in many ways including building your energy and strengthening your bones, by doing so, your body gains more benefits to carry out this activity.

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