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3 Food You Should Avoid If You Have Ulcer

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When it comes to ulcer problems, there are no particular people who suffer it more. Both men and women, young and old can have stomach ulcer.

This disease is actually caused by a bacteria known as helicobacter pylori, which increases the production of acid in the stomach.

However, certain kinds of food which we eat can also increase this acid production, and worsen the situation if proper care is not taken.

Hence, this article explores three categories of food which a person with ulcer should avoid.

1. The first category is fried foods: No doubt, some foods taste sweeter when they are fried, but we must bear in mind that fried foods are not good for our general wellbeing.

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Fried foods include fried yam, potatoes, chips, egg, meat and so many others. When a person with ulcer eats fried foods, they are only aggravating the ulcer and upsetting the digestive tract.

Fried foods contain fats and salts, especially when the oil for frying has been used severally.

This will add to the amount of hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach thereby, causing more sores in the stomach lining.

2. Acidic foods are another category of food to avoid: Since the stomach is already producing more acid, eating acidic foods will only make the situation worse.

Acidic foods include bread, white refined rice, cereals, sodas and energy drinks. Fruits can also fall in this category, as there are some fruits which are highly acidic even though, they are packed with lots of healthy nutrients.

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Such fruits should be avoided by people suffering from ulcer and they include lemon, tomato, orange, lime, grape, pineapple and others. They have the ability to contribute to the acidic environment in the stomach.

3. Lastly, highly processed foods are another category of foods that should be avoided: They include beverages, canned foods, pizza, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, alcohol and all other sugary items.

These things have a way of disturbing the stomach walls and causing more sore to it instead of healing. The body needs more of what has fiber and antioxidant properties, which only come from natural fruits and vegetables.

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So having seen this article, we can see that the wound in the stomach will not get healed if we continue to consume these categories of foods mentioned here.

However, it is paramount to note that none of these unhealthy foods mentioned here have ever done anything good to our health, so we are advised to desist from eating them.


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