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22- years Friendship Between A Crocodile And The Man Who Saved Its Life

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Humans are known to come in contact with crocodiles on a regular basis, especially when visiting places like the Amazon. Crocodiles are also popular pets among people living in or near water, even though they can sometimes be dangerous.

However, there is one human who has managed to develop an incredible bond with a crocodile. That human is Richard Harris, who saved this particular crocodile from being killed by angry villagers when he was only 6 months old.

The two have been friends for 22 years now, and their friendship is definitely worth reading about!

Here’ s what Richard had to say about his friend: ” He always comes up and nudges me, says hello. He’ ll grab my hand with his mouth and just put it on his head. “

The journey from a pet to a friend

Richard Harris was born in 1963 and raised on a cattle station called Murrumba Downs, about 4 hours south of Darwin. Since he was a child, Richard has loved animals of all kinds. It seemed likely that he would grow up to be a vet or work in animal conservation.

But fate had other plans for him, as Richard left Australia to travel the world and take part in volunteer programs. He became an expert at handling crocodiles and was able to use his knowledge to help reduce human/crocodile conflict in the region.

It’ s very unusual for humans to develop such close relationships with wild animals but it’ s not unheard of either. The relationship between humans and crocodiles is probably best illustrated by this story:

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When Harris was 6 months old, he found a small crocodile who had been caught by angry villagers who were going to kill it. Instinctively, he saved the animal from its gruesome fate instead. The two have been friends ever since!

The incredible friendship between a crocodile and the man

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If you’ re not careful, your pet can easily develop health issues or illnesses from eating an unhealthy diet. However, there are certain foods that are good for your pet’ s health.

Two different worlds collide

The relationship between Richard and his friend is one that has me in awe. What he’ s done for this animal is admirable, especially since the crocodile has protected him on multiple occasions.

Richard Harris was only 6 months old when he saved an orphaned baby crocodile from angry villagers who wanted to kill it. And then, 22 years later, the two were reunited in the wild after the crocodile escaped its owner.

” He just came up to me and said hello, ” said Harris. ” He nudged me with his snout and gave me a little love bite on my hand. “

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Their friendship is definitely something to

admire, especially since they’ ve saved each other’ s lives on more than one occasion!

How Richard Harris saved his friend’ s life

Richard Harris has saved his friend from being killed by angry villagers more than once. In fact, when he was only 6 months old, Richard rescued this particular crocodile from a group of angry villagers.

The villagers had been trying to kill the crocodile for months, ever since it escaped from a zoo and started eating cattle in the area. When Richard found out that the villagers were going to kill the animal, he managed to save him by grabbing a rope around its neck and pulling it away from the village.

In the years following this incident, Richard has become close friends with this particular crocodile. The two have been seen swimming together and playing games in the water with one another.

This is not an atypical sight when visiting their home in Australia!

If you want to learn more about how Richard’ s friendship with this crocodile began and developed over time, check out this article! It’ s clear that these two are truly friends for life!

What does the future hold for these two friends?

Richard is now in his 50s and is considering retiring from his crocodile- saving job. He’ s been doing it for 22 years, and he’ s done lots of other things during that time. But he worries about what will happen to the crocodile if he retires.

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He said, ” I would hate to see him end up in a zoo because he won’ t have any contact with humans. “

Instead, Richard wants to find a way to give the crocodile a home by himself on the island where the two live together.

Final Thoughts

Richard Harris is the owner of a pet crocodile who he saved when he was 6 months old. The two have been friends for 22 years, and Harris’ s dedication to his friend is incredible.

However, not everyone believes that Harris should have this kind of relationship with a crocodile.

One commenter had this to say about Harris’ s friendship: ” That’ s just sad, an animal that size should not be around people.

” It’ s true that this kind of relationship can be dangerous, but it seems like Harris has made some good decisions in the past to stay safe while keeping his friend close.

Haris was left with no option than to release the crocodile back into the wild,

what a painful departure.


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