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2023: You May Lose In Enugu, Iyere Warns Peter Obi

2023: You May Lose In Enugu, Iyere Warns Peter Obi

Comrade Kennedy Iyere a popular humanitarian activist and a frontline social entrepreneur, who is a renowned advocate of pro-Igbo political justice and undoubtedly one of the biggest promoters of Peter Obi. had over the past weeks affirmed that three Igbo political elites, who are close allies of Atiku have been hired and paid to destroy Labour Party in Enugu State, as part of the grand sinister plot to derail Peter Obi and rob him of victory in Enugu State, in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election, while paving way for Atiku to defeat Obi, not just in Enugu State alone but also in other States across the South-East. According to Comrade Iyere, these three men are Okwesilieze Nwodo, Nnia Nwodo and Prof Barth Nnaji.

Iyere who stated this in a press release on Friday, further explained that the political occurrences of the past few days both in Enugu and Abuja have made it very obvious that the Nwodos and Prof Barth Nnaji are Atiku’s henchmen hired and assigned to destroy Labour Party and create setbacks for Peter Obi in Enugu State.

Iyere lamented over the fact that these men seem to have convinced Peter Obi to buy into their lies and game of deceit designed to give Atiku an edge over Obi. He said they are working to aid Atiku’s chances of victory and Peter Obi’s downfall in Enugu State……..Continue Reading

“Peter Obi must not allow himself to be brainwashed by these men who have falsely pledged their loyalty to him in the secret. They promised to betray Atiku by working behind the scene to favour Peter Obi. But it truly hurts knowing that these men have no truth in their mouths, while they have succeeded in brainwashing Peter Obi to embrace their lies”, says Iyere. He also affirmed that Chijioke Edeoga has allowed himself to be used and fooled by these three men, whose conscience have been perverted.

“Just yesterday, Okwesilieze Nwodo arranged with Atiku to receive and host Chijioke Edeoga in his private residence in Abuja, as his special political guest. Is that not enough sign to prove to Peter Obi and his elite supporters that Chijioke Edeoga will work for the downfall of Peter Obi in Enugu State. But for those of you who believe I am saying rubbish, time will prove me right or wrong’, says Iyere.

According to Comrade Iyere, Prof Barth Nnaji is a green Snake under the green grass. He said Prof Nnaji has recently told the Press that he rejected the guber ticket of Labour Party in Enugu State because he believed in Peter Mbah, the guber candidate of PDP. But shamelessly, this same Prof Barth Nnaji was the one who together with the Nwodos presented Chijioke Edeoga to Labour Party for the guber ticket of Enugu State. What does this tell you?

“This same Barth Nnaji is the man who filled the entire Enugu-East Senatorial Zone with weak candidates of the Labour Party, which include a Senatorial Seat, 3 House of Reps seats and 8 House of Assembly seats, all beneficiaries are installed by him, just in his desperate selfish efforts to derail Peter Obi and kill Labour Party in Enugu State, exclusively for the purpose of fortifying Atiku against Peter Obi, while enhancing Peter Mbah’s emergence as Enugu’s next Governor. Obviously, Barth Nnaji is working for Atiku, in view of his desired appointment as a Minister in Atiku’s cabinet”, declares Iyere.

Comrade Iyere went further to caution Peter Obi to beware of the Nwodos and Prof Barth Nnaji. He reminded Peter Obi of the fact that the Nwodos are part of the political family of Abubakar Atiku, who have been on Atiku’s payroll for several past years till date. He warned Peter Obi not to forget the fact that Okwesilieze Nwodo is still a member of the BOT of PDP,. who also is a Deputy Director in Atiku Presidential Council. Iyere therefore, urged Peter Obi, to realize the fact that Nigeria’s political redemption rest on his shoulders.

“No matter what they may have done to derail Peter Obi, nothing will be enough to stop him from being elected as Nigeria’s president in 2023. Peter Obi is the next president of Nigeria, he is the one chosen by God and by men.

” Because we are here to guide him and mobilize support for him, he remains unstoppable. Same way, Julius Abure, National Chairman of Labour Party, must also at this point realize that Chijioke Edeoga is not the right candidate for Enugu State.

But if Abure chooses to be cluelessly defiant, he will re-awake the Lion in us. Alex Ejesieme (SAN), is also hereby honestly advised not to obstruct the wheel of progress because by doing so, just the way he is already doing, God himself will be against him and posterity will also judge him for selling his conscience for money. The only way to go in 2023, is the way of Peter Obi, if we deviate from this course, then Nigeria is doomed.”

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