2023: Nigerians Anxious To End APC Misrule, Says Okowa

2023: Nigerians Anxious To End APC Misrule, Says Okowa

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) vice presidential candidate and Delta State governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has claimed that Nigerians were anxious to sack ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) over its failure to provide leadership in the country. He claimed that Nigerians were prepared to use the forthcoming 2023 general elections to remove APC at all levels of governance over incompetence and insensitivity in handling the affairs of the nation.

Okowa, spoke, yesterday, through his Chief Press Secretary, Olisa Ifeajika, in an interview at Crown FM Radio, a local radio station Asaba. He noted that security was at the lowest ebb in the country as people could no longer travel freely due to insecurity. He recalled that prior to 2015, insecurity was confined to the North East alone but that the situation had regrettably spread to other parts of the country under APC-led Federal Government’s watch.>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

“The first responsibility of any government is to protect lives and property and that, we don’t have in this country anymore. It ought to be seen that there is security. So, if what they are doing is their best, it means the government lacks capacity to provide citizens security because their best is not just good enough. Nigerians are conscious of the coming elections because they’re in a hurry to remove this government that is tormenting us this way.

“Insecurity is not a threat to the elections. People will come out to vote; insecurity will not be a threat at all because Nigerians are determined to come out and vote and you can see the way people are hungry to register to be able to vote. In other words, no matter the threat of insecurity, people will come out and vote. We will hold elections in this country and it will be successful, results will come and people will go into power and the ruling APC for what they are doing to Nigerians, will be removed by the grace of God.

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