2 Premier League Defenders Who Have Been Better Than Van Dijk This Season

2 Premier League Defenders Who Have Been Better Than Van Dijk This Season

The 2022/23 English Premier League is gaining momentum after only six game weeks played this season. We have seen a lot of surprises from the play this season with some big players struggling.

There have been some top players and clubs which have been struggling to fail to keep up with the league leaders. The likes of Chelsea and Liverpool have not been doing well since the start of the season despite having incredible players>>>>>CONTINUE READING HERE>>>>>

Chelsea has won only two league matches this season while Liverpool has won only one match despite having such quality players at Anfield. The Reds have been awful this season and winning matches has not been easy for them.

Last season they were high flying in every competition they were playing in and they almost won four trophies in one campaign under Klopp. Dutch centre-back Virgil van Dijk has been struggling this season and has resulted in Liverpool conceding goals in matches.

The 31-year-old has been awful and his form at the club has greatly deteriorated despite being one of the best defenders in the league. However, there have been two defenders who have been better than the Liverpool star this season.

Lisandro Martinez

Manchester United’s summer signing has made a significant impact on the team’s recent form this season. The 24-year-old Argentine international has been unbeatable at the back and forwards have struggled to beat him this season.

William Saliba

The French centre-back has been impressive at Arsenal this season and he has become the main defender for Mikel Arteta. He has been difficult to beat at the back and most of the opponents he has faced have struggled to beat him in the league since the start of the campaign.

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