11 Sins Of Peter Obi As Perceived By Political Rivals

11 Sins Of Peter Obi As Perceived By Political Rivals

What comes to mind when you hear that Peter Obi, the Labour Party, LP Presidential Candidate is associated with anything that concerns corruption, fraud, financial misappropriation/misconduct, or mis-governance, in general?

Unfortunately, the headline doesn’t truly reflect the intent of this written piece and what it hopes to convey across to the readers, rather, it speaks figuratively of how Peter Obi is perceived by those against some of the recent decisions he made in regards to his role in the forthcoming 2023 General Elections….CONTINUE READING

Nefertiti, also known as her @firstladyship, an enthusiast of good governance and unapologetic lover of Peter Obi, took out time to help people understand the reasons Obi’s political rivals are going to any length to tarnish his image when there’s much ado about nothing in the real sense.

1. For years, political crooks kept praising Peter Obi. They described him as solid, a man of impeccable character; an incorruptible man. They talked about the type of servant leader Nigeria need. We listened & followed them. Then Obi put himself forward, and Nigerians compelled him to do so.

2. It wasn’t an easy decision. He knew they’ll fight him. He fasted & prayed, he consulted far & wide. Then he dropped the bombshell on Twitter, & sent Nigerians into a rapturous frenzy. That was his sin, his only sin. Peter committed an unpardonable sin, the moment he quit the PDP & decided to run.

3. HOW DARE YOU PETER? WHO DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE? In their small circle of elites bureaucracy, that was the general thinking. Peter Obi’s declaration was the only time the establishment felt genuinely threatened since the Civil War Buhari posed no threat, they knew the man was spent.

4. In 2014, he was already the scarecrow of his former self. That’s been established. So when crooks who masqueraded themselves as “activists” before now attacking Peter Obi every day, they ain’t just doing that for themselves.

5. They are the errand boys of some of your established politicians. Every crooked politician has some of them in retainers. They are used to issue threats & communique (unofficial, of course). Also to stage paid protests, disrupt peaceful protests, & infiltrate our ranks.

6. They’ve been there since 1999, operating in the shadows. The ones on Twitter are the baby activists, & noisemakers. Some of their handlers are not even on Twitter. They don’t want their names mentioned or identities revealed. Shadow Operators like their quiet lives.

7.The crooks on Twitter are the jobless ones, the miscreants, they sit at the bottom of the food chain. Peter Obi came onboard but he didn’t come alone. He came with all the superimposing qualities of a 21st-Century leader. He is not the usual relic from a deleted time.

8. But rather than hail his declaration, crooks chose to vilify him. Nigeria contradicts everything normal in this world. You have to be born crazy to be OK with this level of madness. With the establishment threatened, they are ready to do anything for their continued survival.

9. With them? there are no subtleties, no half measures. They won’t leave anything to chance. They’ll kill, again, again & again. But we are prepared for any eventuality. They know that Nigerians won’t accept the notion of a staggered election or outright cancellation.

10. We must vote & the results must be announced. Local & international pressure points are activated. The eyes of the world are on Nigeria. Buhari & his handlers understand this interplay. That is why he keeps on reassuring the World of a credible 2023 General election.

11. He reiterated this commitment at the ongoing UN General Assembly. Big West cannot accommodate 200m+ refugees. The West is dealing with its headaches, they won’t stretch their already overstretched systems. If Nigeria fails, the human & refugee crisis will be staggering.

“I have written extensively on Nigeria & its Sociopolitical Journey since 1999. So I don’t think there is anything left to be said. No one is a baby on Twitter, at least you must have turned 18 to understand some of the things discussed here.

“That means I don’t need to lecture you about Nigeria. You know what your country is & how it’s been mismanaged. So make up your mind; do you want to vote for tribe or religion, or you will end the decades of rape & destruction of lives? WHAT SAY YOU? DEAL OR NO DEAL?” She asked.

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