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10- Year- Old Girl Hanged Herself After Teacher Encouraged Classmates To Shame Her

Part of the roles of any teacher is to make every child feel better about themselves and ensure no student under her watch is bullied and if bullied, to do the needful to the bully. Its however disappointing to know that some teachers not only encourage bullying, they themselves are bullies.

Isabella ‘ Izzy’ Tichenor, a 10- year- old autistic girl committed suicide by hanging herself to death after she was repeatedly bullied by her school mates and teacher.

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The 10- year- old girl who was a student at Foxboard Elementary School was said to have told her mother shortly after resuming the school that she thinks her teacher does not like her because she greets every other pupil in class except her. Isabella was said to have also complained that she once came into the class, saying that some students are smelling and right in front of her, the other classmates started taunting her and calling her the smelly child.

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It was said that she didn’ t try to correct or rebuke them. This insultive comments, according to reports, made Isabella go to school with an airfreshner in her bag which she sprays on her body at interval.

It was gathered that moments before Isabella committed suicide, she had a long one on one chat together after which she pecked her mother on her cheek and went in.WATCH VIDEO

WATCH VIDEO HERE👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍👇‍

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